Youth Classes

Youth classes are designed for children ages 4 to 15. Classes are formed based on age and skill level. 

Youth Kung Fu focuses on basic skills, fist forms (boxing), and weapon forms. Children build not only physical, mental, and emotional control, but also a healthy life style and core values that last a life time.

Youth Kung Fu Teams compete and perform at regional and national events. There are currently three Youth Kung Fu Teams - Dragon Team, Tiger Team, and Leopard Team. Auditions of team members are held annually.

Youth Self-Defense teaches self defense forms and individual movements used foroffense and defenseChildren learn to proactively keep themselves out of dangerous situations. Please check our Facebook album for detailed description and photos.

Class Schedule

Adult Classes

Adult classes are for men and women of all ages looking for fitness and mental well-being.

Adult/Teen Kung Fu teaches basic Kung Fu movements including striking, kicking, jumping, defensive/offensive stances, and basic forms.

Chinese Kickboxing (Sanda/Sanshou)involves kicks, strikes, throws and locks, moves used for offense and defense. Coordination between partners is essential. Please check our Facebook album for detailed description and photos.

Tai Chi embodies the highest understandingof nature, with yin and yang, or motion and stillness complementing each other. Tai Chi training focuses on inner and outer control so that the movements are slow, smooth and continuous. 

Class Schedule