Master Song is a top Kungfu master not just because his skills are outstanding but more importantly, he knows how to teach his skills to his students. He spends time in designing personalized training for each of his students. Master Song’s unique training method has created a relaxing environment in the Wushu (Kung Fu) school and keeps student’s confidence and interest at all times as well. During his teaching at my school, his Kung Fu and teaching techniques were welcomed by all of our students and have really improved their Kung Fu skills to a new level in a very short period of time.

--- Tony from Chicago, IL (President, Extreme Kung Fu School)

I started sending my boys to Kung Fu just to correct their poor postures and to get some physical exercises. I was surprised by how fast they progressed under Master Song's training. They were no long arching their backs after a couple months and they hardly ever got sick even during flu seasons.

Their twice a week Kung Fu training also helped them excel in school gym classes and they are now viewed as strong kids by their peers! Imagine the respect they receive from their school friends - it is very important for kids at their age to feel socially accepted and to feel confident.

We all know Master Song is good, but you don't really know how good he is until your kids go out to high level competitions and start competing with top athletes in the country! When my boys went to Kung Fu competitions and each won multiple international Gold metals, many people including the judges and competition organizers were so impressed by my boys’ performances that they couldn’t help but asked who their master was.

Kids love Master Song and respect him so much even though he is very strict with them! He is the role model for my kids! I would recommend Master Song's Kung Fu class to everyone! Give it a try; you will start to notice the difference in a few classes!

--- Jennie from Kildeer, IL (Parent, Youth Team)

Master Song is a very skilled Kung Fu master. He has a profound understanding of Kung Fu as a way of life. His power, speed, and focus are remarkable.

He is a dedicated teacher, who teaches enthusiastically and very effectively. His classes are always interesting and full of variety. The training is usually hard which ensures continuous progress. While he is a disciplined teacher who has high expectations on himself and his students, I always feel the sincerest care from him. He is patient with students at different learning levels and openly shows his joy when we make progress.

I have been learning from Master Song for two years. He is a man of great character. His training not only helped us build strong bodies, but also helped us build self-confidence and inner strength. We are so fortunate to have him!

--- Daniel from Vernon Hills, IL (Teen student, Youth Team)

I have studied various martial arts styles ever since I was a young boy and wound up getting back into Kung Fu here at Soaring Eagle in my 40's because I wanted to learn enough to help my son practice his forms at home. My son is 6 years old and is also a student at Soaring Eagle Kung Fu. Now my wife recently signed up in the San Da class. So I guess you can consider us a "Kung Fu Family". What I really love about Soaring Eagle Kung Fu is that each day we get to train with the Master of the school. At most schools, the you'll find the master in the back office filling out paper work or reading a newspaper or having coffee/tea while one of the other students teach the class. Not at Soaring Eagle... Shifu Song is almost always front and center - teaching class himself. His brand of teaching is like no other I've ever experienced because he really takes time to learn about each of his students. He watches and learns about all of our strengths and weaknesses and customizes his teaching to fit the needs of the individual.

Shifu never gives up on his students no matter what skill level they posses. He makes bad into good, good to better and better to best and he does it with compassion and a sheer belief in all the people he teaches. When picking your school, I know there are so many out there to choose from. But if you are looking for a school where the Master acts like a Master and teaches from a place of sincerity, honesty and honor. I wouldn't think twice about going to Soaring Eagle Kung Fu. This is the place for me and my family. Come try it out.

--- Fin from Lake Zurich, IL (Adult student; Parent, Youth Kung Fu)

Master Song has created a genuine culture of brotherhood at Soaring Eagle Kung Fu. I marvel at the friendship my 4-year-old boy enjoys from Mater Song’s teen-age students, Daniel, Jason, Brandon, and many more. In between classes or at the back stage of a Kung Fu performance, the big brothers always look out for the younger ones and never dismiss them as being too little. The older boys would pamper the younger ones with demonstrations on demand. My boy looks up to his teen-age friends so much that he changes his own name to one of theirs in his pretend play at home. I often picture my boy growing up into a strong, caring and responsible teen ager like his many role models at Soaring Eagle Kung Fu, and I have to admit that that’s a very comforting thought.

--- Jamie from Palatine, IL (Parent, Youth Kung Fu)

I have been Master Song’s martial art student since 2007. His expertise has helped me achieve the title of Men’s Chinese Kickboxing Champion in the 2008 Great Lakes Kung Fu Championship in Cleveland, Ohio. In preparation for the tournament, Master Song was able to quickly analyze my body type, strengths and weaknesses. He devised a training regimen for me with his years of experience that brought out the best of my abilities. He had sharpened the skills I already had and had also taught me new techniques and strategies. I am really fortunate and grateful for what Mater Song had helped me accomplish – He had helped me convert a dream into a reality.

--- Simon from Chicago, IL (Adult student)

We’re very happy to have you all to demonstrate something awesome and beautiful to Allstaters! Thank you very much for the wonderful performances! The event wouldn't have been so successful without your participation. Everyone is amazed by your Kung Fu skills.

--- 2012 Allstate corporate culture event coordinator, Northbrook, IL

My kids have been under Master Song’s training for several years. Master Song is one of the best Kung Fu teachers with expertise covering traditional Chinese Wushu (Kung Fu) forms, modern Martial Arts/Wushu for self-defense, demonstration and competition, all forms of weapons such as spear, stick and swords, and multiple types of Tai Chi. Parents are touched by his dedication and enthusiasm. He has earned the respect from all students and their parents.

--- Junping from Riverside, IL (Parent, Youth Team)

I joined Soaring Eagle Kung Fu School, because I needed more physical strength to deal with two active boys, one is seven and the other three. Full of energy, they easily wore me out. After only two months of Kung Fu training, I gained enough strength that I am not feeling tired any more with my kids. After six months, I become stronger, healthier, happier, and enjoy my family life much more.
Soaring Eagle Kung Fu School is my happy place. Under the guidance of Shifu Song, I practice kicks, punches, jumps and traditional Kung Fu forms (I didn't even know how to jump rope before I started the class. Now I am practicing jump-kicks). I also attend the Tai Chi class where I am learning the gentle flowing Tai Chi moves.  The training at Soaring Eagle Kung Fu School washes away my stress and tension, and brings me courage, confidence, and strength. After each class, I am energized and happy.

My older child is also learning from Shifu Song in the Children’s Kung Fu class. Like me, he is learning and practicing basic stances, kicks, punches, jumps, and traditional Kung Fu forms. In just a few months, he started practicing forms with a weapon. More important, he learns respect, focus, and discipline. The training at Soaring Eagle Kung Fu has made him stronger and fitter, more focused, and more confident.

Shifu Song is an International Kung Fu Athlete (Wu Ying level), the highest rank in Chinese Wushu (Kung Fu) athletics. He is also a First Degree Kung Fu coach and First Degree Kung Fu Judge certified by the Chinese government. Shifu Song shows in his teaching the profound knowledge and skills in all aspects of Kung Fu, from traditional forms to modern competitive Kung Fu. In addition to hard style Kung Fu, Shifu Song is also a master of Tai Chi. His Tai Chi moves are so beautiful that it is impossible to move your eyes away.

Shifu Song puts all his heart into his teaching. He teaches individually, and customizes his teaching to fit the students. Shifu Song understands your strength and weaknesses, and then trains you gradually and respectfully. He allows you to learn at your own pace. His passion for teaching and his caring for his students are demonstrated in every aspect of learning the arts of Kung Fu and Tai Chi, which has earned him very respected by his students and parents.

I highly recommend Shifu Song and his Soaring Eagle Kung Fu School, the best Chinese martial arts school in the Chicagoland.

--- Songmei from Rolling Meadows, IL (Adult student; Parent, Youth Kung Fu)

Master Song is a very driven teacher, and puts his heart into teaching children Kung Fu. My daughter started fresh and in a few short months was performing forms and weapons in front of an audience. Master Song was very kind and was able to bring children up to speed very quickly. The classes give her a good place to unwind and be physical and have helped build her confidence as well as improve her Chinese. Even with her busy schedule with school and piano, we make sure to find the time for her to come to class every week.

--- Lisa from Vernon Hills, IL (Parent, Youth Team)

We're so grateful that my son is responding so well to Master Song’s teaching. He is so good with children. My son loves having him as a teacher and going to Kung Fu classes. It's unusual for him.

--- Sophia from Buffalo Grove, IL (Parent, Youth Kung Fu )

Master Song is an excellent example of a good person. Over the 5 years that I have trained under Mr. Song, I have seen how dedicated he is to the teaching and care for his students. This can be said for all of his students which speak volumes about his character and how he genuinely wants to help and teach people to better themselves through martial arts training. You will not find a teacher as qualified and who genuinely cares for his students as Mr. Song.

--- Duane from Chicago, IL (Adult student)

My four year old son, Rylan joined Soaring Eagle when Master Song opened up his new location in Palatine.  By chance, we picked up a flyer for Soaring Eagle displayed on the counter of a Chinese restaurant.  I was so excited and decided to make a call right after leaving the restaurant to make an appointment for a visit. I had been in search of the "right-fit" martial arts class for my son and could not find one yet.  We visited another facility and didn't quite get that "perfect fit feel" there. Julia was so very friendly and accommodating in setting up a day for us to come in for a visit.  
Upon our first visit, I was very impressed with Master Song's presence and how genuine he seemed. I could tell how natural and wonderful he was with my son and other children.  I could tell his heart and passion was really in it.  My son was a bit shy, okay, maybe very shy at first and needed time to warm up.  I really appreciated the extra warm effort Master Song took to get my son to feel more comfortable in the environment.  I mean he really did take a great deal of time to talk and get Rylan to come out of his shell.  Twenty five minutes later, my son was practicing kicking and punching with Master Song.  
It's going on five months of Kung Fu classes with Master Song and my son is always excited to go to class.  He has met so many new friends here and never wants to leave after class.  He never complains about this class as he usually complains of anything and everything.  He actually looks forward to going and is learning a lot of new moves.  Not only is this class keeping him physically active and fit, but it's also great for his mind.  I also love that Master Song uses the mandarin language along with English with his students.  My son who knows not one word of mandarin, comes home happily counting one through ten in mandarin. I'm so impressed!  It's as if he's getting fit and picking up a second language at the same time.  It couldn't get any better I'd say.  I also like the fact that his classes are really focused on training, learning and getting down the moves.  It's not focused on being competitive as with so many other martial arts classes out there.  Master Song is so incredibly patient with each and every one of his students and takes the time to go over moves as many times as needed.  I find Soaring Eagle's learning environment to be such a positive, non-judgemental, super friendly place to learn and stay healthy.   We are just so lucky to have found this place by chance.  I highly recommend Master Song to any parent that is in search of quality martial arts class especially for small children.  He really does know his stuff and has credentials and lifetime experience to back it up.  Yes, I did my homework and researched him as any concerned parent should.  His you-tube videos are impressive as with his resume.  He truly is the best instructor out there!  I plan on enrolling my son an additional day soon.

                                                                                                                                                                                 ----------- Susie from Wheeling, IL (Parent, Youth Kung Fu)

 Master Song holds high standards for students and Eric has improved tremendously since he joined the Youth Team. Master Song sincerely cares about the success of each student and cultivates such a positive attitude on the team. Way to go, Soaring Eagle!   

                                                                                                                                                                                         ---------Yan from Lake Forest, IL (Parent, Youth Team)